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Register Domain Name Free

register domain name free

Register domain name free

register domain name free

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about how you register domain name free. I hope you like this article and as always share it with your friends. Enjoy!
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register domain name free  register domain name free  register domain name free
I’m often asked: “How do I start my own website? What do I have to do?” That’s why I want to answer it in this post to help those people who have the same question.

If you are one of them, this step by step tutorial about register domain name free is for you!

Get a great domain name and web hosting
To start you require a great domain name and web hosting for your domain. A domain name is simply your website address. You can buy domain names for about 10 dollars a year.

You can, in fact, host your own domain but you have to install your very own server and make all of the complex tasks to keep it up and running 24/7.

I encourage you to select a web hosting plan by Bluehost. They host your domain for a fair annual fee. What do they help you with? Bluehost keep your website online with a high uptime, have very good security, fully optimized for WordPress, offer professional support and so on.

Register domain name free
In this article, I’ll teach you how to register a Bluehost account. I’ve tested many web hosting providers but I recommend Bluehost as their service is splendid. You also don’t need to worry about lots of upsells during the enrolment process. So newbies don’t end up to buy more than what they need.

Bluehost gives you a free domain once you sign up for a hosting account. They let you have an unlimited number of domains under just one single hosting account. Ok, let’s begin!

1. Choose your domain name
It’s a good idea to already have a great domain name in mind before you sign up for a web hosting service. If you don’t know what domain name you want to choose, you can read this article – 10 Tips How To Choosing A Domain Name

2. Register your web hosting account
When you’ve found a domain name that you like visit Bluehost and register your web hosting account. Remember that you will get a free domain which saves you around 10 dollars! Go further and push the “Select” button for your selected plan.

3. Type your desired domain name
In the screenshot below, you have 2 options. I guess that you haven’t any domain so under the section “new domain” type your domain name you want. Then you hit the “Next” button. On the next page, you get this message: “Congrats, the domain you asked for, mydomain.com, is available”. If it’s not available, you type another domain name and try again.

Do you have a domain you’ve bought from another registrar? To use that, type your domain name under the section “I have a domain name”. Then you hit the “Next” button.

register domain name free

4. Enter your account information
Make sure to fill in all required fields. Check that the information you provide is correct and the latest.

5. Select your package plan
I recommend you to choose a package plan for 2-3 years. Aside from the comfort to secure your website you save some money too. If available, you can uncheck Spam Experts and SiteBackup Pro. You will not need them for now. But Domain Privacy is an option I recommend you to select. Why? Read on.

Protect your personal contact information
ICANN requires contact information for each domain owner to be listed in public through the database of WHOIS. That does it simple for the public to find and contact the owner of a domain.

This makes the domain owners exposed for undesired recruitment. By activating Bluehost Domain Privacy, you protect your personal contact information from the public WHOIS database.

Watch great video below about Domain Privacy to hide your private information

6. Enter your billing information
Fill in all the required fields for your own credit card. CCV code is the 3-digit code on the back of your credit card. If you like to pay with Paypal, click on the “More payment options” link. Read the “Terms of Service” then check “I confirm I have read…”

Congratulations! Now you’ve successfully signed up for a web hosting plan. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your entered e-mail address.

7. Create your password
Click on the link to open the password page. Enter your desired password and be sure you meet the password criteria written in red. Retype the password and click “Change Password” button.

8. Login to your new account
You’ll be taken to the login page. To log in, enter your domain name and password and then click “Login” button. In case you forget your password, you can request for a new one and click on the link “forgot password”.

9. Welcome, new user
After login, you will be prompted with the Welcome new user window. To learn more about your Bluehost account click on the “Get Started Now” button. If you have any problems, you can start a live chat with the technical support. They can help and solve your problems.

That’s it! I hope this tutorial will help you.

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“Register domain name free”

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10 Tips How To Choosing A Domain Name

10 tips how to choosing a domain name

10 tips how to choosing a domain name

how to choosing a domain name

Hi, it’s Anders here… Are you ready to get some tips on how to choose a great domain name for your business? Then you have come to the right place. Enjoy!
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how increase website traffic  how increase website traffic  how increase website traffic
How to choosing a domain name is like selecting a business name. It requires a great deal of thought and review. Your domain name is your identity on the web.

You need to ensure you pick a name that fits your business. It has to be easy to remember too.

Follow these 10 tips below and it will be easier for you to determine how to choosing a domain name that is ideal.

1. Easy to write and spell
Finding a domain name that is easy to write and spell is basic to get success online. In the event that you utilize slang (u rather than you) or words with numerous spellings (disc versus disk), it may be harder for clients to discover your site.

2. Keep it short and easy
In the event that your domain name is long and complex, you take a risk. Clients can be mistyping or spell it incorrectly. Short and easy is the best approach for how to choosing a domain name.

3. Use keywords
Test the use of keywords that describe your company and the services you offer. As an example, in case you’re a newspaper company, you could want to register DailyNews.com or DailyNewsPaper.com.

It will improve your rank on search engines like Google and Yahoo (which increases visitors) and just makes more sense for your clients.

4. Focus on your area
In case that your business is local, think about including your city or state in your domain name to make it simple for local clients to discover and recollect. Case: ChicagoDailyNews.com.

5. Don’t use numbers and hyphens
Numbers and hyphens are regularly misconstrued. Humans who hear your site address don’t know in case you’re utilizing a numeral (5) or it’s spelled out (five) or they lose or overlook the dash. In the event that you require these in your domain name, enroll the other alternatives to be secure.

6. Be memorable
There are millions of registered domain names on the net. You need to have a domain name that’s catchy and memorable when you think of how to choosing a domain name. After you’ve found a name, proportion it with near friends to make certain it sounds appealing and makes sense to others.

Fast solution: Got a wonderful idea for a domain name?
Create your name here below with Bluehost – one of the best web hosting company and set up a website before any other person will register your great domain name idea.

7. Research your chosen domain name
Ensure the name you’ve chosen isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being utilized by another business. It could bring about a big legitimate chaos that could cost you a fortune, and also your domain!

8. Use a suitable domain name extension
Extensions are suffixes like .com or .org in the end of the URL. These can have precise uses, so be certain to pick out one that works in your business. The .com domain extension is by far the most well known. Since .com domain name has been around for so long it can be hard to get a short and good .com domain.

A bunch of new universal top-level domain names, like .guru and .tips, offer a fine possibility to register brief and very relevant names. And right here are some different top extensions and the way they’re often used:

9. Secure and create your brand
To secure your brand, you ought to buy different domain extensions, plus incorrectly spelled forms of your domain name. This stops rivals from creating various forms and guarantees your clients are sent to your site, even if they mistype it.

10. Act fast and buy your domain name
Domain names sell fast. Thankfully, they are also affordable, so buy your best domain names as quickly as time permits.

In case you’re having a problem with discovering a vacant name, domain registrars such as HostGator will propose other names during your domain search. It will help you to find the perfect domain name in your work with how to choosing a domain name.

If you follow the tips above it will be easier to get a domain name that is ideal for your business.

HostGator 25% off with coupon code: dmrock25off


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“10 tips how to choosing a domain name”

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