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What Is Banner Ads?

what is banner ads

What is banner ads?

what is banner ads

Hi, it’s Anders here… Today, I will talk about what is banner ads and give you 4 amazing tips. I hope you like and share this article with your friends. Enjoy!
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what is banner ads  what is banner ads  what is banner ads
Banner ads are a type of advertising on the internet distributed by an ad server. Banner ads are called image ads too. They are nothing else than image ads that you run into all across the web.

Banners are cost-efficient and a very good idea to show your business brand for lots of people.

What is banner ads?
Banners have been applied, since the beginning of the internet. It was easy to design an attention-grabbing banner ad and receive simple clicks. But the web is way more competitive now. Persons want to interact with banners that do more than simply get their attention.

How do you create a great banner ad?
  • The banner must be related to your website. Tell your clients what you promote particularly in case you want to get clients from your business niche.
  • Be professional. Images can tell a thousand words. Ensure your graphic arts and colors looks good. Keep in mind, you run a business so keep it nice and professional.
Before you begin to design your great banner ad, there are some things you have to think of.

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1. Size
Many websites have their own demands regarding the size for banner ads. These ads are normally only the usual standard sizes that have existed forever. Make sure you know what every site demands.

You can work with a graphics software like Photoshop to get the right ad size. Use two-thirds of your total banner size for your image, and the rest of your very tempting call to action.

2. Create a strong title
Your headline should be an instant attention-grabber. Create a fascinating and brief headline that will reach out to your business niche. Vary the font sizes and colors of your headlines, and do it to an important element of your ad.

3. Using banner ads effectively
Put banner ads on sites that already have much traffic. Also, put these ads on sites that truly turns to your targeted market.

A good thing about working with banners is that you easily can measure the Click-through rate (CTR). It’s usually applied to measure the success of a campaign for advertising online – an ad for a website and the efficiency of email campaigns too.

In case your banner ad has a click-through rate of 5%, out of 100 impressions (times the ad was shown), 5 persons really clicked on your link. The larger percentage you get, the more clicks you receive and the more efficient your banner ad is.

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4. Buy ad space
Now that you’ve designed the ideal ad banner, it’s time to use it and promote your website. You can talk with blog owners to discuss costs and terms, but this process is actually a time-consuming and stressful piece of advertising.

Most blog owners choose to use an ad network that serves them with the delivery of these banners. Find an ad network that you like. AOL Advertising, Bing Ads, BuySellAds, Chitika and Google AdWords are some of the available ad networks.

Talk about ad sizes with every network to detect that your ads are in consent. If not, maybe you would like to modify them, in case you pick a company you like that wants anything different compared to what you already have. To do needed changes before advertising, will make the entire process simpler.

Produce a popular banner ad
Banner ads may be priceworthy and cost-efficient. Though, big advertisers can simply pay $2,000 to $6,000 and above. The cost for these ads is the primary cause why you need to produce a banner ad that will appeal to many people.

The more clicks you receive, the more cash you get. A great banner ad campaign will see your return of investment in a short period of time. Hopefully, you make a strong profit too.

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How To Twitter Ads

how to twitter ads

How to Twitter ads

how to twitter ads

Hi, it’s Anders here… Today, I’ll talk about how to Twitter ads and 3 highly effective ways you can use. I hope you like and share this article with your friends. Enjoy!
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how to twitter ads  how to twitter ads  how to twitter ads
Twitter is an amazing online opportunity for you. It seems like nearly all people have a Twitter account. There are 3 highly effective ways to use Twitter for promotion – Promoted tweets, Promoted accounts, and Promoted trends. These 3 ways can enhance the commitment of your brand. They also permit you to reach your targeted users in various ways.

How to Twitter ads
Whether you run a business, you are a celebrity or a teenager – Twitter can help you. Below you learn more about the 3 effective ways for Twitter ads.

1. Promoted tweets
The promoted tweets are simply usual tweets but with a bit extra bonus. They can reach some users interested in your brand and business. These Promoted tweets get labeled and can end up at the top of search results once users are looking for relevant keywords. Like normal tweets, anybody can answer, retweet, and favorite promoted tweets. Promoted tweets are plainly labeled as Promoted once an advertiser pays for their positioning on Twitter.

2. Promoted accounts
If you use the Promoted accounts, you can make your account visual for all users who appear to be your Twitter followers. To promote your account is indeed a great way of growing your follower base fast on Twitter. These are displayed on the widget who to follow of every user’s Twitter wall. These are in similar to you widget in the profile page. With the dashboard of the Twitter marketing tools, you can choose to load several promoted accounts on just one dashboard.

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Watch great video below about Twitter Promoted products for small business!

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3. Promoted trends
Promoted trends were an extension of Twitter Promoted tweets. Today it’s an own full product. With Promoted trends, the users see time, contexts, and event-driven trends promoted by Twitter ads. The paid Promoted trends are being seen at the top of the trend subjects list for Twitter and they are plainly marked as “Promoted”.

The users interact with Promoted trends in the exact same way they interact with other trending subjects. The real difference between a Trending subject and a Promoted trend is that a Promoted trend is bought by the advertiser and plainly marked as “Promoted”.

How can you target users?
To target users is a very important factor to affect your business. On Twitter, you can target your crowd in 2 ways:
1. User groups with equal interests related to your business.
2. Persons who follow the industry leaders and others in your industry.

There are 2 other elements you can use to target users. Geography and gender.

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How much does your Twitter ads cost?
Twitter advertising is often quite cheap to do. You have the option to set your very own budget for Twitter ads. Of course you need to pay for what works.

The 3 aspects you have to pay for are:
1. Once targeted users interact with your promoted tweet.
2. Once they follow your promoted account.
3. Promoted trends ad campaigns may cost $200,000 a day. So we don’t recommend this for small companies.

Review your Twitter ads
There’s a facility that you can use to review your Twitter ads. You can modify or erase your ads that don’t work well. So just keep track of the ads that are not good.

It’s very obvious that Twitter ads are a great option to grow your business. They don’t want your money unless you make a profit. If you get any action from the users, that’s only then you have to pay for your ads. And often just a small amount. The small part you must pay is many times worth it once you compare to the earnings you can make from Twitter ads.

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How To Facebook Ads

how to facebook ads

How to Facebook ads

how to facebook ads

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about how to Facebook ads and how they can drive quality traffic to your blog. I hope you like and share it. Enjoy!
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how to facebook ads  how to facebook ads  how to facebook ads
Does your blog get the traffic you want? If not, I will tell you how Facebook ads may help to drive massive quality traffic to your website. The primary goal is finding the right marketing mix to improve and increase the number of your blog readers.

1. Begin with the basics – strategy
Keep in mind that the main focus is your blog. I want to help you drive traffic to your site. You know why your blog readers visit your blog for – your knowledge, great content, images, and more. Keep it fresh, informative and amusing always.

Prioritize: Facebook ads shall increase the click-through rate of Facebook visitors to your blog. When they arrive, you have some options to track the result of your ads.

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2. Grow your social media presence with ads
Facebook ads can make a lot of various things. They can market products, services or be “brand builders”. Properly targeted and tested Facebook ads will manage to be both “branding reminders” for the people who recognize you and even act as magnets. “Wow, this looks very interesting” do you want your ads to be seen as.

Facebook can help you
In your work with Facebook Ads Manager, you can create a campaign to reach just that target group which you will be able to identify. Facebook can help you with your campaign demography like location, work title, interests, the household incomes and more.

How to Facebook ads – a big potential
Do you miss or do you only have a little experience of paid advertising? There is a big potential to go from ‘free’ to ‘paid’ ads. Many know of the success that comes by using Google AdWords marketing. Facebook ads work in exactly the same way. How big is your potential target group? Do we talk about hundreds, thousands or a larger number of potential clients?

>> Watch great video below >> You learn easy tips to create your Facebook ads.

3. The value of directly uploaded video ads
YouTube is very good and popular, but when it comes to advertising, it is often more effective to directly upload videos. So you don’t need to use any hyperlink for videos. This will increase the traffic and visitors to your blog. Try to produce and upload your own videos for better results.

Once you upload your video to Facebook, you can add a “call to action” link at the end of the video to the website you want to send potential clients.

Is it easy to use?
On your Facebook page, simply click on “Photo” and add your video. After you’ve uploaded the video, click on the “Add a Call to Action Link” that appears. Choose the button with the text that feels good for you. You add the destination website URL you would like to use.

How does this really work?
After people have watched your video on Facebook, the “Call To Action” button pops up. If the viewers click on the button, they will be sent to the URL you typed in the “Add a Call to Action Link”.

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