Start The Home Business – 7 Crucial Tools You Need

start the home business

Start the home business – 7 Crucial Tools You Need

start the home business

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about start the home business – 7 crucial tools you need. I hope you like this article and share it. Enjoy!
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start the home business  start the home business  start the home business
Every business requires some tools and things to work more efficiently. And the same goes for an online home based business. So when you start the home business you want, which 7 crucial tools do you need?

No special competence, age or backgrounds are required to start the home business you like. The web is a good place to start the home business since it’s low costs to get started compared to a regular offline company. Your clients can live anywhere. The only thing they must have is a computer and internet access. Ok, let’s talk about the 7 crucial tools you need. Just read on.

1. Domain name
A domain name is simply the name your website will get. You want to choose a domain name that is relevant to your online home business. It will be ranked higher in search engines like Google if you do so.

You also want to select a top-level domain such as .com since it’s a globally accepted domain name extension. The best is to keep your domain name under 20 characters and ensure it’s easy to spell.

There are more things to consider when creating your domain name. Read this article – 10 tips how to choosing a domain name

2. Web hosting
A web hosting service is a service that permits companies or persons to make their website reachable on the web. It’s very important that you have a reliable web host with a high uptime since it’s very bad if your business online often goes offline.

Bluehost is a reliable web host and also provides a very high uptime about 99.94%. To learn more about Bluehost read our honest Bluehost review here

3. Website
Your online business needs a website where you can market your products and services. To set this up isn’t as hard as you maybe think. There are lots of software like WordPress that make it easy for new business owners to build their website.

4. WordPress
When your website has a great domain name and web hosting, it’s time to setup your website. WordPress was at first a blogging tool. Today it’s the most popular solution. Many of the top bloggers use and recommend you to work with WordPress. What is the best part? It’s free and also very easy to use. So I really encourage you to give WordPress a try. Are you not convinced yet? Read this article about WordPress

When you’ve your website hosted (see paragraph 2. Web hosting), your web host’s Cpanel should let you installing WordPress using the “one-click install” function.

5. Lead capture form
Once someone visits your website for the first time, it’s not a big chance that they want to buy from you instantly. That’s why you need to have a form on your site where visitors can type in their e-mail address, so you can stay in touch with them. To prompt a visitor to give you their e-mail address, you have to offer them something valuable, such as a free e-book or video that is relevant to your industry.

6. E-mail autoresponder
Now that you’ve got the e-mail address of a potential client, you need to follow up and send messages to that person. An autoresponder, simply lets you making lead capture forms and then add them on your website. Whenever someone types in their e-mail address it sends them messages on autopilot that you’ve pre-loaded into it. No matter which time.

Stable e-mail marketing software gives you the chance to handle and organizes your e-mail list of clients. You can maintain contact with your clients. You have the option to provide them with tips on good articles, build relations with your clients and send them special offers too.

7. Buffer
With Buffer you can share your latest blog posts fast and easy on your largest social media channels. The easy to use interface is one of the top reasons it is so popular.

Buffer scans the web to find the best posts on other sites that you can directly share with your followers. All you need to do is read the proposed article and if you think it’s great just share or schedule it on your social media channels.

Ok, there you have the 7 crucial tools you need to start the home business. Good luck and remember to take action!

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“Start The Home Business – 7 Crucial Tools You Need”

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