SiteGround Review

siteground review

SiteGround review

siteground review

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will give you an honest SiteGround review. I hope you like this article and as always share it with your friends. Enjoy!
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siteground review  siteground review  siteground review
SiteGround is one of the most popular hosting services on the planet. It has thousands upon thousands of users. They are all very happy with the value offered by this service. So, you do have to wonder, is this the ultimate hosting service?

What does the SiteGround Review say and how reliable is this hosting service? These are great questions that you get answered right away!

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Maybe the most important feature for any hosting service is its uptime. This will always help you determine how reliable that service is in the first place.

Usually, you don’t get to find a high uptime at the SiteGround price points, so you will be quite impressed to see that the SiteGround uptime is 99.97%.

It’s much better when compared to most of the other hosting options, and it clearly shows that there is a lot of value to be had with this hosting service.

They did an excellent job when it comes to implementing a great uptime, and that does pay off very well, which is what matters the most in the end.

Pricing depends on the hosting option that you want to pick. If you want standard shared hosting, you pay around $4-$12, depending on what type of service you want, hosting space amount you need and what other features might be necessary.

But since SiteGround has other hosting services too, you see that they can easily cover all your needs with great results.

Cloud hosting can range anywhere from $64 to $192, while dedicated hosting can be anywhere from $179 to around $336 for enterprise servers. Even if these numbers do change often, this is a clear sign that SiteGround is very affordable, and you should consider checking it out for that reason alone!

SiteGround data centers have some of the best security on the market. Their data centers have biometrics, video surveillance, human security, access controls, mantraps and bulletproof lobbies. This clearly shows that the company spared no expense for keeping customer information as safe as possible.

The company also has a mechanism that will isolate servers from each other. Also, they integrated Hack Alert Monitoring as well as other helpful features like IP address blocking, hotlink protection, anti-spam tools and many others.

The company has also integrated Leech protect. This feature can help administrators to stop users from posting their password by mistake, no matter where they can do this on the site. These security options seamlessly combine hardware with software, and they show just how much attention to detail is offered through this service.

Another great thing is that SiteGround integrates with CloudFlare for higher performance and security. Although each website owner can easily register for CloudFlare, this integration means more persons who don’t have any idea that this was an option can now benefit. Bluehost is the only other hosting service I’ve seen that offers you CloudFlare accounts.

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Integrated apps
During the SiteGround Review process, we saw that they did an excellent job at bringing you all the necessary features and apps you may need. No matter if you need Apache, CentOS, PHP. WordPress, MySQL and anything else, SiteGround will most likely allow you to install that without any hassle.

But why do they offer such a feature? The reason is rather simple; it’s a lot more convenient to have all these tools in a single place. You get to have more control over the content and the attention to detail is second to none due to that.

They did a masterful job at bringing some of the most important apps and tools out there, but they also make the usage and installation process fast and easy too. Granted, there will be some challenges along the way when it comes to the learning curve, but adding so many good apps is very nice.

WordPress support
Based on our SiteGround Review, we saw that you could easily install WordPress for free with any SiteGround hosting variant.

SiteGround monitors your installation with optimized managed WordPress hosting. They give your site improved security, automatic backups daily, page caching, and automated content management system updates. They have one-click setup, offer a free domain name, and a free account transfer too.

You will find that SiteGround comes with full support for WordPress, and that clearly shows the amazing value for money that you can find in the end. The quality is great, the value is there, and in the end, it’s the right approach for sure.

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Watch great video below:
Speed crafted by SiteGround.

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Control panel
With SiteGround you get access to the industry standard cPanel. That’s not bad because you can use the Softaculous installer to gain access to platforms like Magento, Joomla, and WordPress among others. They also allow you to use a dedicated SuperCacher that allows you to retrieve the web pages faster and this can help you quite a bit.

They also added the Joomla and WordPress toolkit that bring you additional functions like resetting the admin passwords, all while securing the admin page, modifying SSL, deleting the installation or modifying your domain.

These are great features that you may need at some point, so being able to access them from a single interface is no small feat. The fact that they added special dev features were interesting and exciting during the SiteGround Review, and things like Drush, Site Staging, WP-CLI or Git are a surprise.

Overall, here you get all the tools you need to make the hosting process easier and customizable, which is exactly what you want to have in the end for sure.

Customer support
You receive a very good 24/7 VIP customer support, and you can always be shifted to the data center located in your area. They did an excellent job at offering you a quick response time. Usually, they will reply in a few minutes. For us, during the SiteGround Review, they did reply in roughly 3-4 minutes, so more than ok when compared to other options out there.

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SiteGround Review Pros
  • Website performance is excellent if you choose SiteGround. They have an impressive uptime of 99.97%.
  • Integrates with CloudFlare for higher performance, security.
  • They offer you affordable hosting services.
  • SiteGround has some of the best security on the market.
  • You can install popular apps fast and easily.
  • Managed WordPress hosting on all plans.
  • The control panel is easy to use and fully customizable.
  • Great 24/7 VIP customer support. Fast and professional.
  • Excellent SiteGround tutorials are a great help.
  • You get a 30-day money back guarantee.

SiteGround Review Cons
  • No monthly package for shared hosting plans.
  • They don’t offer ASP.NET and Windows based hosting. They only have Linux-based dedicated servers.
  • Their plans don’t offer too much storage and bandwidth.

We are very happy with the quality and value delivered by SiteGround. They are a team of professional hosting providers, and they do bring in front a resounding experience and value. They pay off, and you will be quite impressed with how much you get for your money.

The pricing is very good; the uptime is among the very best on the market, so SiteGround does have quite a lot to offer. You should totally check it out, as it’s an extraordinary option if you are looking for a new hosting service!

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