How To Facebook Ads

how to facebook ads

How to Facebook ads

how to facebook ads

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about how to Facebook ads and how they can drive quality traffic to your blog. I hope you like and share it. Enjoy!
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how to facebook ads  how to facebook ads  how to facebook ads
Does your blog get the traffic you want? If not, I will tell you how Facebook ads may help to drive massive quality traffic to your website. The primary goal is finding the right marketing mix to improve and increase the number of your blog readers.

1. Begin with the basics – strategy
Keep in mind that the main focus is your blog. I want to help you drive traffic to your site. You know why your blog readers visit your blog for – your knowledge, great content, images, and more. Keep it fresh, informative and amusing always.

Prioritize: Facebook ads shall increase the click-through rate of Facebook visitors to your blog. When they arrive, you have some options to track the result of your ads.

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2. Grow your social media presence with ads
Facebook ads can make a lot of various things. They can market products, services or be “brand builders”. Properly targeted and tested Facebook ads will manage to be both “branding reminders” for the people who recognize you and even act as magnets. “Wow, this looks very interesting” do you want your ads to be seen as.

Facebook can help you
In your work with Facebook Ads Manager, you can create a campaign to reach just that target group which you will be able to identify. Facebook can help you with your campaign demography like location, work title, interests, the household incomes and more.

How to Facebook ads – a big potential
Do you miss or do you only have a little experience of paid advertising? There is a big potential to go from ‘free’ to ‘paid’ ads. Many know of the success that comes by using Google AdWords marketing. Facebook ads work in exactly the same way. How big is your potential target group? Do we talk about hundreds, thousands or a larger number of potential clients?

>> Watch great video below >> You learn easy tips to create your Facebook ads.

3. The value of directly uploaded video ads
YouTube is very good and popular, but when it comes to advertising, it is often more effective to directly upload videos. So you don’t need to use any hyperlink for videos. This will increase the traffic and visitors to your blog. Try to produce and upload your own videos for better results.

Once you upload your video to Facebook, you can add a “call to action” link at the end of the video to the website you want to send potential clients.

Is it easy to use?
On your Facebook page, simply click on “Photo” and add your video. After you’ve uploaded the video, click on the “Add a Call to Action Link” that appears. Choose the button with the text that feels good for you. You add the destination website URL you would like to use.

How does this really work?
After people have watched your video on Facebook, the “Call To Action” button pops up. If the viewers click on the button, they will be sent to the URL you typed in the “Add a Call to Action Link”.

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“How to Facebook ads”

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