Business Email Marketing Solutions

business email marketing solutions

Business email marketing solutions

business email marketing solutions

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about business email marketing solutions and give you 10 great tips. I hope you like and share it. Enjoy!
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business email marketing solutions  business email marketing solutions  business email marketing solutions
There are a lot of business email marketing solutions on the web. A hard part of email marketing is to find new ways drawing people to your mail list. To create the right “hook” and convince visitors entering their best e-mail address can have a big impact on your landing page conversions.

It is not always enough having a good free e-book or report to get potential clients signing up to your list. Sometimes you have to give them an extra push so that they want to enter their e-mail. Then you can begin to market your products to them.

Business email marketing solutions
I have 10 great business email marketing solutions below that may be used on your landing page to obtain more subscribers. This kind of “hooks” can be very powerful, depending on how they are used. Just think about what type of traffic you send to your landing page before you choose which angle you will use.

Let me give you an example. In case, you set up a landing page after a sale, maybe you want to use my #3 way to offer special training relevant to your product. Or perhaps you want to do a redirect after the sales page to a landing page that has a coupon code for your product in my #4 way.

Start your creative thinking
As you can see, there is no end to what you can do. Feel free to use your fantasy to develop these thoughts. The 10 great business email marketing solutions below are meant to start your creative thinking if you have run out of ideas or is eager to try some new things in your e-mail promotion.

1. The “wait list” way
Tell your prospects that you only can accept a bounded number of people. This will hurry them to sign up instantly. You can say that when you hit so many subscribers, they will be put on a wait list.

2. The “try before you will subscribe” way
Offer your potential clients a small sample of your content to lure them subscribing. Make certain that you use great content so that they really want to sign up.

3. The “special training” way
Tell your landing page visitor they will get special training not accessible anyplace else. This can be an autoresponder series with your training or training videos.

4. The “coupon code” way
This “hook” works best after visiting your sales page. Use a redirect to a landing page that offers a discount or coupon code to the same product they have just seen. This gives you a good option to keep promoting to that visitor even in case they don’t buy from you the first time.

5. The “PLR and MRR” way
Give your potential client PLR (Private Label Rights) or MRR (Master Resell Rights) for the product to convince them to subscribe.

6. The “prizes win” way
Tell your landing page visitor what prizes they can win by signing up to your mail list. You can randomly choose a subscriber every week who gets one product for free.

7. The “100% unique” way
Tell that all your content is 100% unique. People don’t want to sign up to lists that only re-publish articles found somewhere else online. It will take you more time and work but you will offer your clients more value and have them stay longer on your mail list.

8. The “give a free bonus” way
Give a free bonus in each e-mail. This will improve loyalty since they will be curious about what you write in your next e-mail.

9. The “free marketing” way
Tell your potential clients that you will show their ads in your e-mail messages. This way they get free marketing as an extra gift for being your subscriber.

10. The “time is running out” way
Say that it is urgent to sign up and show a countdown clock on your landing page. Let them know they have to subscribe to get a bonus before the time is running out. This will also make it easier to get hesitant visitors to subscribe to your list.

Use these great business email marketing solutions on your landing page and you will get more subscribers. Remember to track various offers to check which offer gets the most attention. When you have a clear winner, you can select to increase the traffic to this page.

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