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GetResponse Review

getresponse review

GetResponse review

getresponse review

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will give you my honest GetResponse review. I hope you like it and as always share this article with your friends. Enjoy!
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getresponse review  getresponse review  getresponse review
Email marketing is one of the most important tools for your business. It can quickly help you generate more leads and customers. But it can also be quite challenging to use and control correctly.

That’s where the need for a good software comes into play for you. GetResponse does seem to be the best option here. But is it worth your money? Read this GetResponse review to find out more!

What is GetResponse?
GetResponse is a platform that includes a suite of email marketing and online campaign management tools. These are designed to help you increase your sales in the online world.

We found that GetResponse is designed to spread out the word about any product. While bringing in front a plenty of benefits as well for you.

The best thing here is that you can try it before you buy. GetResponse offers a very generous 30-day trial. If you do like that, you will be able to opt for the paid product which starts at $15 per month, depending on the number of emails that you want to process.

Features and performance
The price for GetResponse is quite impressive. For around 2,500 contacts you pay close to $25 per month, which is great. Unlike other similar tools, this one does not impose any email sending limits. The competitors do, but not GetResponse.

It certainly pays off immensely, and in the end, that can work to your advantage. It costs $450 in total to cover 100,000 email addresses, which is quite affordable considering other plans.

The price is on a monthly basis, and you can select the frequency of your emails as you see fit.

GetResponse offers you a Pro plan
Unlike other options, GetResponse also offers you a Pro plan that is $49 each month and it features a webinar as well as support for 5,000 contacts. This is an excellent option for smaller businesses that just want to grow.

They did an excellent job with the non-profit and enterprise options too, which is kind of interesting, to be honest.

They always add some new features to the table, with the Salesforce integration being especially useful here. Another interesting feature we found during the GetResponse review is that they allow you to enable multiple user access.

Do you run a team of partners that work remotely from various places? Provide them with fast access to your GetResponse account with their personal logins to easily operate and check your project workflow.

You can add as many users as you want, every with a different set of rights and access levels.

Easy for you creating the subscriber list
Creating the subscriber list is a breeze with GetResponse. They did a very good job at allowing you to copy and paste email addresses.

However, if you have a large list, you can easily upload files or even connect to services like Google to get the job done fast.

GetResponse can have an issue where it maps the first names, but it won’t show the last names correctly. Issues like this will happen, but GetResponse does manage to filter everything in a proper manner easily.

They allow you to segment the list based on any criteria you want. Most of the time, you will segment that by location or open rate. The segmentation feature is very good, and the entire experience is designed to be very impressive.

Create your own forms and landing pages
Maybe the best tool in GetResponse is the one that allows you to create your forms. It’s not exactly the best one out there, but it does have plenty of interesting customization tools.

Are you interested in designing quality surveys and landing pages for your business? Then this tool can easily help you with that!

I also liked that during the GetResponse review process, I was able to test subject lines, newsletter formats and a wide variety of other things.

Watch great video from GetResponse:
World’s Easiest Online Marketing

Lots of templates you can choose from
Setting up the email campaign with GetResponse is pretty easy. You have lots of templates to choose from with the Email Creator tool, and you also get an HTML tool.

The second one is great if you are used to the idea of using the code and customizing your experience. Normally, the regular email creator will be more than ok for you.

The available templates are not exactly the best ones out there since there are tools with a more modern approach. But they still work pretty well, and you will find that the overall experience can be very good in the end.

You can preview the newsletter if you want, and you can quickly make adjustments on the spot. This can come in handy, especially since the app does have its spam score too.

Scheduling the newsletter
Scheduling the newsletter is possible, and honestly, you may want to use that instead of publishing right away. You get extra time to polish it and even proofread it because there will always be some challenges to be had there.

We recommend you to set the autoresponder too because the autoresponder unit is one of the best in GetResponse. The GetResponse review process also allowed us to add subscribers or even use saved searches.

Campaign tracking
Campaign tracking is performed via Google Analytics. So you can track your email campaigns with complete accuracy and results can indeed be very well worth it.

Customer support
Just like any other tool, GetResponse does tend to have a magnificent support system. They answer very fast via Live Chat, and that is the best option, to be honest.

I particularly like the documentation they provide as it’s rather extensive and full of information that you may use.

GetResponse Review Pros
  • Free and full 30-day trial. You start right here
  • Automate your campaigns with the great Autoresponder.
  • No email sending limits.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Campaign tracking with Google Analytics.
  • Complete webinar marketing solution.
  • Easy to create your subscriber list.
  • 3rd-party contact import integration.
  • Advanced Spam checker.
  • Create your own forms and landing pages.
  • Multi-user access.
  • 5-star customer support and live chat 24/7.

GetResponse Review Cons
  • No refunds. They treat all clients equally.
  • You can’t look at individual subscriber profiles.
  • Some of the templates are not so modern.

I found GetResponse to be an excellent tool. It allows you to get 1,000 contacts with the free trial alone. They offer plenty of customization options, and the tools are very easy to use.

People that like high-quality email marketing campaigns will want to give GetResponse a try. This tool not only allows you to set up and track the campaign properly, but you can get all of that done without that much of a hassle.

It’s a system that works very well, and the overall experience is second to none. GetResponse is also easy to install, and it does have plenty of templates, although some of them are not that modern.

Overall, you receive a magnificent value for your money, and that’s what matters the most. Certainly worth your time, so give it a shot if you want to create an email campaign on a budget!

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Increase Traffic Your Website With RSS

increase traffic your website with rss

Increase traffic your website with RSS

increase traffic your website with rss

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I’ll talk about how to increase traffic your website with RSS. I hope you like and share it with your friends. Enjoy!
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increase traffic your website with rss  increase traffic your website with rss  increase traffic your website with rss
The primary goal for RSS is instant information. This is the best idea to frame your thinking about how to apply it to grow Internet traffic. When you are able to use RSS efficiently, you’ll know that this will give you a competing benefit to increase traffic your website.

The power of using RSS feeds
First RSS was developed to spread news media over the net. Since then other content publishers, bloggers, and marketers have realized the power of using RSS feeds to get traffic. Also as a method to develop loyal visitors.

A piece of the reason is that since the internet grows, it moves towards using more and more shared content. Social media and social media promotion are confirmed cases of this.

Increase traffic your website with RSS
Don’t your sites have some kind of automatic RSS feed? If so, you want to locate a method to provide RSS feeds as a choice to help increase your traffic.

Some persons have a tough time winding their heads about the notion of RSS, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Do you find the concept of Really Simple Syndication hard to understand?

A simple method to still take advantage of it is to submit your RSS links to social bookmark sites first. After that take your RSS feeds and submit these to some hot feed directories.

Elegant Themes - Beautiful WordPress Themes
Elegant Themes = Trusted by 400,000+ members

Search on Google
Just make a search on Google for RSS directories. You can do this with pages, posts, comments, podcasts, videos, and in fact with any sort of content link.

You can select to “ping” lots of these feeds on popular pinging services for more traffic too. Ping-o-Matic is a great and well-known service you can use to ping search engines.

RSS for building traffic
Here are a few advantages that make RSS excellent for building new and recurring traffic. The automatic delivery of new content will inform web surfers that your website content is updated and supports former readers to return.

Content that is updated regularly means that the search engine spiders will visit your sites to index fresh content. RSS enables for simple classification of content that people can analyze to suit their personal needs.

Information is easy to find and manage for scanning, viewing, and reading as a part or through complete feeds.

Who is RSS for?
RSS is of big interest to anybody that publish content online. Why? It’s a simple way to share content to reach new and potential clients. More traffic means exposure to new promotion options.

RSS automates several functions, gives another method to communicate, and helps to place bloggers, website owners, and internet marketers as leaders in their respective areas.

Discover all opportunities with RSS
All people online is constantly looking for methods to increase traffic, and also a manner to enhance targeted traffic. Don’t you already have discovered all the opportunities to use RSS? Now it’s a very good time to check it out again.

It surely does live up to its name “Really Simple Syndication”. It’s worth a couple of hours or some days to learn, understand and then put into action.

Since it’s so easy and efficient makes RSS very appealing as a manner to grow web traffic for all of your promotions online.

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How To Copywriter 12 Killer Strategies

how to copywriter

How to copywriter 12 killer strategies

how to copywriter

Hi, it’s Anders here… In this post, I will talk about how to copywriter 12 killer strategies. I hope you like and as always share it with your friends. Enjoy!
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how to copywriter  how to copywriter  how to copywriter
I want to give you 12 killer strategies that dramatically will help you enhance your copywriting skills. You can apply these tips when you create offers, write e-mails, and sales letters to catch people’s attention.

So here you get them! Just read this entire article “How to copywriter 12 killer strategies”.

1. Focus on the person
Always create your sales letter with the person in mind. When you write a sales letter or create an e-mail, the best is to write as though you only talk to one person at a time.

2. Get your readers interested
You need to build interest with your readers. At the very first line. The key to having your readers interested is to write on topics they are interested in. And they are interested in oneself.

Your readers want to grow. You should tell them how. Be sure to concentrate on your readers and not your brand.

3. Get to know your readers
Imagine the average reader you have. Think of what their day is like. What is important and which kind of things is the person excited about?

The more you know about your readers, the more relevant and targeted you can make your sales copy.

4. What is your goal?
What is the intent of your sales letter? What action do you want the reader to take? You must be absolutely clear on that before you begin to write.

Is the answer not obvious to you? If so, it will surely not be clear for your readers.

5. Use bullet points and subheadings
Persons want to scan and like to read things fast as quick as possible. To use bullet points and subheadings do the entire process a lot easier. So don’t forget to use them.

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Watch great video below:
6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners.

Grammarly - Free Grammar Checker
6. Just let it flow
When you start to write a letter, it’s very hard to start from top to bottom and write all. When it comes to writing it and truly inserting all down in order, I want you to write and just let it flow.

You will have moments when motivation hits you, and your fingers go like crazy on the computer keyboard. So it’s very important that you just let it flow.

You can always rewrite some of the content afterward or rearrange the order of paragraphs before you send the letter.

7. Add powerful words
Skillful copywriters know that there are specific powerful words that can affect more than other words. For example you, free, and instantly. We will take a closer look on these words below.

Although people like the word “you”, it’s proved that they really love to read their personal name a lot more. Some things light us up totally such as viewing our personal name on the screen or in print.

Our names are bound to our self-perception and represent a huge piece of our identity. So it isn’t a big surprise that we become more interested and get even more trust for a message where our name is shown.

We all love to get things for free. People like free things so much that they will truly make various decisions, also when the respective value of the product or service remains the same.

Words like “instantly”, “immediately”, or even “fast” are effective triggers. We all want to have things yesterday!

If you run a business that provides services online you have a major benefit here. You get “Instant access” to our services is a strong reason for your clients to sign up.

8. Write like you speak
I shortly discussed this earlier in this article. It is much simpler for you to think of that you talk with one person as though you are in a discussion with that person. Why?

Because while that person reads your sales letter, they will feel like you talk right to them. This is precise what you aim for.

9. Ensure your writing is simple to read
What I suggest is that you use short paragraphs and images. Be sure to highlight key parts.

Read your copy out loud too. Why maybe you wonder? To read your copy out loud will make it easier for you to pick out pieces that perhaps don’t sound as good as you thought.

10. Proofread
When your sales copy is finished you should read it from start to end and fix any problems that can come up. Also, let a good friend proofread it or use Grammarly. They will probably see something that you may have missed.

Grammarly - Free Grammar Checker
11. You should explain the benefits
Set yourself in the shoes of the person who reads your writing part. The first question that they will ask is: How can your product benefit them?

You have to deal with those things, and you must explain the benefits in your writing.

12. Keep your readers interested
How do you do that? In a sales letter, there are many ways how you can keep the readers interested. Here are some.

  • You can use charts.
  • You can use images.
  • You can use audio files.
  • You can use videos.
  • People really like to see testimonials.
  • You can always choose to present samples of proof.
  • Do you have checks to show?
  • Do you have screenshots of people signing up for things?

Whatever you try to market or sell, it’s a great idea to give proof that it actually works or show the benefits for your readers. To use images, videos, screenshots, testimonials etc. are all very good things to use for showing proof.

How to copywriter
So there you have 12 effective tips to develop your copywriting skills. Of course, this is not all of the copywriting methods, but they will surely help you jump over a few of the obstacles that stand in your way!

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